September 27, 2019

How to Remove Outdated Content from Google?

Do you want remove old pages from google search console? You have some unwanted old pages indexed into google.

Google usually do not like thin content pages. It may be one of the reason you want remove those old URLs.

Google webmaster moved entirely to the new search console. You can not use the old search console now. 

New search console was running in beta testing since long back. See what did google webmaster say officially about it.

Why do you need to remove outdated content?

Do you write content that is no longer providing value to your website visitors. You might have written some articles based on time specific news in your niche.

It might be lifetime deals you are going to recommend to your audience. 

Try to create evergreen content. Evergreen content is SEO optimized content that would be relevant for all the time. This is the golden advice you can get from us. 

Being a SEO you should know that Google doesn't love outdated content as it doesn't provide any value to your audience.

Google will inordinately love your site, if your website is constantly providing value in terms of helping your targeted audience.

Google may penalize your website due to thin content pages. If you have thin content in some of your website's page, Kindly improve them with valued information or remove them in case of not providing value to your audience.

remove old pages from google

Sometime you create some test pages in your website. And unfortunately you do not make them no index & no follow. In the end result, google crawlers index them.

You can look into above images, We have some pages which we want to remove from google search.

Even if you delete these pages from your site, It will not be removed from google search until you request to remove these using google search console. 

You can find below URL where you can ask for removal of your website's unwanted pages.

You can request to remove the page which you do not want display in SERP. Simply click on above URL & insert your desired URL Which you want to remove from google.

If you have recently change your website URL for example: to or conversely. 

You might get a problem in finding the exact URL structure. The same problem encountered before us. 

In this case we want to remove the from google search. 

So we asked for removal of the above URL. Due to the change of www or non www, after processing next, We got the below URL which was going to remove.

And this is not the correct URL, which we really want to remove from the SERP.

This is format you can use to find the exact old page indexed in google.

You'll just need to "" next to "" 

And keep the URL using above URL format.

remove old page urls from google search console

You will get below result after analyzing the URL. You can request remove URL now. Just click on request removal. & You are done.

remove old urls from google

You can now request temporarily removal of page from the google search console. Removal feature was removed from the new google search console. But, It returned in the latest search console update.

New Removal Feature in Google Search Console

Leave a comment if you are getting problems in removing old pages from google. You can also ask all your queries in our community group, Join for FREE.

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